Robledal/Oakhaven Block Party Redux


The April 9th block party opened to some of the best weather of 2005 and the crowds materialized as if on cue.Butch Green, RELA President, was the driving force behind all of the preparation by the many volunteers.The preparation really paid off, too.There was great music, delicious food (and plenty of it), free Sno-Cones, unending entertainment for the kids and lots of chances to welcome new neighbors and reacquaint ourselves with longtime neighbors we hadnít seen in a while.There were numerous prizes, including a new television, and near as the webmaster could tell, everyone had a GREAT time.




The party starts off around the desert table.


Photo by Richard Strand

The kids sat on the music stand.


Photo by Richard Strand

Others sat on the grass.


Photo by Richard Strand

And still others sat in chairs.


Photo by Richard Strand

As the party grew and grew.


A battery of BBQ grills works overtime to keep the food flowing.



Sally Johnson and Joe Reed do their part to keep the food from going stale.



RELA President and party chairman Butch Green takes a break to try out some fried chicken

while deputy Christine Reaves keeps an eye on the mob.


Musical chairs plays out under the watchful eye of Sheri Dearing.



The line at the Beaches-n-Cream Sno Ball station was constant.

Donna donated hundreds of Sno Balls over the afternoon and into the night.



The water balloon toss just before the deluge began.



The most over worked feature at the party.It never had fewer then five kids bouncing at one time.



As night fell and the music swelled there was dancing in the streets and conversation at the tables.



Two of the night denizens, their Kool-Aid cups full, pose to be immortalized.



Getting in one last round before bedtime.



The joys of being handcuffed and running the siren.There were no Houdinis, however.

Good thing the deputies didnít lose the handcuff keys.Maybe thereís a lesson there somewhere, kids.