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Crime Watch




Crime Watch How-To


Call dispatch at 983-1191 to report any sightings resulting from these tips and a deputy will come check it out.


Take notice (including make, color and license numbers) of unknown cars driving slowly and stopping.  Write down the date and time of the observation along with the car’s description.


Also note suspicious activity by strangers.  Write down their descriptions and the date and time you saw them.


Note non-residents parking and walking any distance, especially through yards or property.


Retain your notes even if you don’t call them in.  They may be important later during investigations of break-ins or other illegal activity.


Report individuals seen driving under the influence or speeding in our neighborhood. The posted speed limit in the subdivision is 20 miles per hour. Due to the high volume of walkers, runners and bikers it is important to stay within this speed.





Your Neighborhood Crime Watch Team Needs Help

If you want to volunteer to run the Crime Watch Team let your RELA Board know.


Block Captains


Areas of Responsibility

Bunny Halligen


6459-6587 Avenida De Galvez, Avenida(s) Oakleigh & Codorniz



Avenida De Galvez #’s 6591 to 6774



Calle de Cortez, Paso de Cortez



Camino Del Real, Calle(s) De Ciervo, De Cabalero, De Bandoledo & De Amigo



Calle De Lago, 6450-6458 Avenida De Galvez



6803– Avenida de Galvez

Kathleen Reed


Avenida De Galvez, Barco De Vella, -6273 Calle de Hidalgo



Calle Jon Corte, Lago Mirada & Robar Tesora



6273-6455 Calle de Hidalgo

Duties include distributing information such as the newsletter and notifying board members

of issues that should be addressed at future meetings.




Protect Yourself


If you are not home after dark, put lights on a timer

When out of town, hold your mail and newspaper delivery and have someone check on your house

Record serial numbers and take photos of all your valuables

Install an alarm system and use it

Have your house number easily seen from the street so help can locate your house when called

Do not leave your vehicle in your driveway unless you have to

Lock your vehicle

Get to know your neighbors. (They will then know if activity at your house looks suspicious!)





Be advised as well that all-terrain vehicles (3 and 4 wheelers)

cannot be driven on streets unless registered, insured and driven

by a licensed individual. All such vehicles require helmet use. Fines

can be given and noncompliance can result in a delay in obtaining

a driver’s license for juveniles.