Fourth of July Parades

Robledal and Oak Haven abound with active and retired US military members as well as other patriotic Americans who cherish freedom and independence. So it doesn’t take much to put together a parade on the 4th of July. The first parade was held in 2015. It rained on us before it was over. The second parade was in 2016. Of course, it rained on us before it was over. But no one cared. The rains only lasted a few minutes each time and cooled things off so we could all better enjoy the ice cream, cookies, and watermelon waiting at the end of the walk.

We gathered at the lake until we figured everyone is there then headed out for CRAB. In 2016 we had 52 people join in. Here are a few of the photos taken on parade days. We hope you enjoy them.


Forming up in the rain.


Hup, two, three, four.


Well, the rain shower cooled everyone off without dampening spirits.


Bystanders added to the crowd and cheered the rest on.


The parade over too soon, watermelon made up for the lack of action.

Even Jake, the dog, managed to wheedle a few mouthfuls.


A more formal pose.


A sneak shot.

Well, Charlie, the dog, saw it coming.


Three in a row.


Color coordinated down to the watermelon.

Watermelon heaven.


Three happy residents.


And three more on the younger side.