Repair efforts at Robledal Lake


July 2006



One of the two remaining standpipes.

Bruce Peterson sees a large hole in the pipe about five feet back from the opening.


Preparations for installing a form so we can pour concrete around the

single remaining standpipe that seems to be still reparable.


Jack Halligan, Bruce Peterson and Dave Johnson begin to assemble the form.


Dave Johnson screws the form together prior to seating it in the earth.


Robb Monroe pounds the form into the mud to level it.


Dave Johnson screws in the final reinforcement on the form.



Resting up with lemonade and homemade cookies.


Later the county showed up and agreed to complete the project since so many residents apparently felt so strongly about the need for repairs to the levee.


The county did a great job in completing the levee repairs.



A stone embankment now prevents erosion of the levee into the lake.





The lake is not yet to capacity but already the overgrowth that had sprung up from the dry lake bottom has died.

The fish made it through the drought period as well and can be seen just below the surface in shady areas.

The area of the lake will probably increase another 50 percent as rains fill it up to the overflow pipes.